The Acclaimed Donmar Warehouse Theatrical Experience

Based on the Novel by Nobel laureate José Saramago
Adapted by Tony Award winner Simon Stephens
Directed by Walter Meierjohann
Produced by Daryl Roth

Blindness is a socially distanced theatrical experience, with immersive binaural sound design by Ben and Max Ringham. Olivier Award winner Juliet Stevenson voices the Storyteller/Doctor’s Wife in this gripping story of a world changed forever in the blink of an eye by an unimaginable global pandemic.

At the Donmar Warehouse, Blindness proved to be an exceptional opportunity for appreciative patrons to come together and witness its urgent and timely message. Just as it was presented in London, attendees in New York will hear the narrative unfolding around them through binaural headphone technology while surrounded by immersive lighting and atmospheric design and experience together, safely, the importance of community in our present moment and a reminder of the hopeful end that lies ahead.

Safety Protocols

Watch the video below outlining the safety protocols at the Daryl Roth Theatre:

  • All front of house staff will complete COVID compliance training.
  • All visitors and staff will complete a health questionnaire and have their temperature taken upon arrival at the venue.
  • All visitors and staff will be required to wear masks at all times while inside the venue.
  • All visitors will enter in from one entrance and exit through another, creating a one-way traffic flow.
  • Tickets will be sold to a limited number of attendees per showing – as mandated by local and state regulations – with multiple showing times spaced throughout the day to allow ample time in between for venue sanitization.
  • All tickets will be sold in advance online. A simplified ticket exchange process is also being implemented online for the convenience of all patrons.
  • All tickets are sold in pairs at the comparable price of a single Off-Broadway ticket. This enables a single person to purchase a pod to themselves or two people in a “social bubble” to attend and be seated together. Each two-seat “pod” will be socially distanced 6 feet away from other pods.
  • The venue will open 10 minutes prior to each showing, queuing will be avoided.
  • Enhanced building ventilation technologies will bring more fresh outdoor air into the venue and disinfect re-circulated air.
  • Headphones will be individually sanitized between each showing.
  • Contact Tracing is in effect through the information provided by the purchase of tickets.
  • To view a full copy of the Daryl Roth Theatre Safety Plan, click here.
- The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Stage, Metro, What’s On Stage, BroadwayWorld, British Theatre, Arts Desk
“An exquisitely told story of resilience and hope.”
- The Guardian
“Finally, some light in the darkness. No ordinary theatrical experience – but then we live in extraordinary times. ”
- The New York Times
“An exhilarating testament to the power and necessity of art... a unique and unforgettable achievement.”
- Metro