First Performance:  July 14, 2022
Closing Performance:  July 17, 2022

Pushing thirty and freshly dumped, former reality TV star Kam faces the harsh reality of the LA queer scene.

Kam, queer Korean adoptee and former reality TV star, has just been broken up with by her longtime girlfriend. She quickly re-immerses herself in the alcohol- and lust-fueled world of the Los Angeles queer scene, where she uses and is used by women, and has sex without the burden of intimacy. Through a series of one night stands, Kam moves from enjoying the casual hookups to questioning her worth as a person. Will she choose to be predator or prey? A rabbit, or a fox?

Join us on Friday, July 15th for AAPI Community Night, and on Saturday July 16th at 8pm for LGBTQIA+ Community Night!

Gumiho Cast Members:

Anna Stacy as Kam
Si Chen as HJ/Janette
Tiffany Alderson as Mona/Bonnie/Nancy/Victoria
Phoenix Ra as Nameless/Robin/Tay

Gumiho Creative Team

Author: Nina Ki
Director: Kai Kim
Producer: Moxie Arts NY
Set and Props Design: Kailey Hays-Lenihan
Sound Design: Sasha Mahalia Hawkins
Lighting Design: Robin A. Edigar-Seto
Costume Design: Amelia Camilo
Line Produced by: Mikki Marvel and Kelsi Parsons
Stage Manager: Bleu Zephra